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“We are Kansas City’s only flight simulation based training center. We use the highest quality, Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATD) made by Precision Flight Controls. These full motion, high fidelity flight simulators offer a level of realism previously unheard of for light aircraft. And because of how well it replicates the real airplane, we can now totally change the way people learn to fly. There are two main areas in the process of learning. Knowledge items, often referred to as technical subject areas, and Skill items, the physical handling and management of all aspects of conducting a safe flight. We think that by learning in the flight simulator first, it allows learning to occur at a faster rate because we can stop the flight simulation to explain what is happening and then instantly restart to continue the lesson. You can’t stop an airplane in flight and the actual cockpit is a terrible environment in which to learn.”   MORE >



7 Days-A-Week By Appointment Only



1001 NW Lou Holland Dr., S#220 Kansas City, MO 64116 (In Atlantic Aviation-Hanger 10) See Map – bottom of About Us page

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