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“Airplanes are very expensive to rent, so it doesn’t take too many repeated flights to considerably raise the cost of getting a license. It may seem strange at first, but we can actually achieve a higher quality pilot in terms of knowledge and skill level while at the same time lowering the bottom line cost of getting a pilot certificate. How? Our simulators rent for less than half of the cost of the real airplane. You can invest in quite a bit of Simulator time and if it saves you even 10% of the airplane cost, you have a real winner. The simulated piloting experiences we offer give you more safety and a wider range of piloting experiences than are possible, or are practical, in the airplane.

We can safely train you for emergencies that your airplane instructor cannot perform. We can show you what bad weather looks like and how to handle it. Mountain flying, night flying, radio communication with Air Traffic Control. All subjects which are very important and are barely covered in most training organizations. Everybody talks about these subjects, we believe in doing them in the most realistic way possible without endangering anyone’s safety. Fly the way the Pros do, learn and practice on the ground and in the simulator first and then go do it in the airplane. From a Cessna 150 to a Citation Jet, let Little Blue Aviation help make your dreams come true!”

Matt Miller
Ph. 913-226-7199

6 Reasons To Train With Little Blue

  • Safety

    Fly the way the airlines do.

  • Professional Instruction

    Experienced CFIIs trained to meet your needs.

  • Better & Faster Learning

    Everything is practiced in a controlled environment

  • Best Equipment

    Fly the only PFC-DCX-MAX full motion simulator in the midwest

  • Cost Savings

    Simulation means lower cost by reducing aircraft rental

  • Wide Range of Experience

    That cannot be accomplished safely  in the aircraft.

About Matt Miller


I learned to fly in 1973 at McComas Airport in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I worked on my Certificates and attended CMSU university studying for an aviation major. I completed my CFI in 1979 and have been an active instructor ever since. After 36 years of flying and over 12,000 hours spent mainly teaching pilots to fly, I maintain a 100% pass rate on check rides. My philosophy has always been to produce knowledgable, safe pilots first and foremost, and by doing that, they easily pass all their tests. Now, with our new simulator, it has opened up many new opportunities to train folks to an even higher level of safety than we previously could.

My father was in television advertising, so I had a background of marketing and advertising. I worked in the industry on film crews and at one point had a film production company making national level TV commercials. But I was always instructing and finally decided that flying was and still is, my first love and I have been back to full time teaching since 1996.

I look forward to flying with everyone in our simulator as well as the aircraft in the future. Many of my fellow CFI’s are seeing the benefits of how simulation produces better pilots, and we know that by doing it right the first time not only lowers your costs, it increases your safety and that is the whole point of what we do. Welcome to a virtual world of flight. A world that can allow you to experience so many different things that we cannot safely do in the aircraft and train to a much higher level of piloting. We think the professional pilots who routinely use full motion simulators to practice emergencies and procedures are doing what all pilots should be doing. But up until now, we couldn’t offer this to general aviation pilots because the technology simply wasn’t available. Now you can have what the corporate and airline pilots use with a very high level of fidelity and at a fraction of the cost. I hope you give it a try and see for yourself how much more you can learn using our services. We promise to make you better and safer than you ever thought possible.

Our Location

1001 Northwest Lou Holland Drive, Suite 220 (In Atlantic Aviation, Hanger 10), Kansas City, Missouri 64116