Training Philosophy

The airlines, military and all professional corporate crews have long recognized the benefits and cost saving of using simulation to produce their outstanding safety record. We think that it’s time for this style of initial, upgrade and recurrency training to be offered to all pilots. If you are a beginner, the SIM allows you to learn in a safe, controlled environment. We have a ”pause” button to stop and discuss a procedure — the airplane can’t do this. Many times the only thing missing is more practice.

We can do far more in an hour of simulation than the same hour in an airplane. If you already have a pilot’s license we can show you all the things your CFI warned you about, but never trained for in the airplane. Examples of experiences include: Flight into adverse weather, low altitude loss of control, equipment failure of all types, mountain and high density altitude operations, and night flights. For advanced pilots, experiences include: Instrument training in IMC conditions to low minimums, realistic vacuum and other instrument failures. Multi engine pilots can experience; Engine failures on takeoffs, VMC roll, single engine approaches and landings with over 100 failure options and 40 different makes and models of aircraft. Aircraft simulation ranges from C150 to a Citation 550. Little Blue Aviation simulated flight training will make you better and safer than you ever thought. We feel strongly that if you have not flown in a good simulation, you haven’t completed your training. Don’t wait for something to happen that you haven’t practiced first. Flying is fun, however, it’s not fun when the pilot is not prepared properly.